About Us

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we come together.

WC Summer Soirée is a public charity under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. ID 261476142

From our Founder & Recipients

Twenty years ago, while teaching in Spanish Harlem, NYC, I asked a few friends and family to meet in New York City to help make a few kids smile during the Christmas holiday, and soon after “Kids Christmas NYC” was founded. Since then we have helped hundreds of inner city children from NYC, NJ and West Chester, PA. Donors and friends have helped spread holiday cheer to these children with financial assistance, new books, gift cards and food for the hungry.

We were thrilled with the success of our inaugural “WC Summer Soirée” in 2016 and know this years event will honor the same mission of “helping local children with life’s basic necessities.”

Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!

–Kelly McLaughlin Catania

Education is the hope that Chester County Family Academy CS provides to children and their families many of whom live in West Chester and surrounding Chester County communities. Education empowers our students, encourages them and creates a future they can be proud of. It is our job as educators to instill in our children the ability to cultivate gratitude kindness and compassion. The WC Summer Soiree continuous support and generosity has made an impact on the future of CCFA children and their families. Our students and families are faced with economic challenges and dependent on the goodwill and generosity of the community. The West Chester Summer Soiree funds have provided a way to meet the basic needs that are all too often, taken for granted.
–Sue Flynn, Chester County Family Academy CS CEO | 2016-2019 WCSS recipient
We are so grateful for the Summer Soiree. The generous contribution we received after the event made an immediate impact on the Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation. We applied the grant directly to our Warrior Guides mentoring program which matches up almost 100 West Chester Henderson High School students with almost 100 Chester 4th – 6th graders for the year. Together the pairs spend one weekend day every month engaged in activities fully organized and sponsored by the Foundation. The Summer Soiree was instrumental in making these important and valuable relationships possible. Your generosity has had a lasting effect on so many children’s lives, inspiring local high school students to volunteer, and assuring underserved children that they are worthy of another’s time and attention.
–Karen Hicks, Andrew L. Hicks Foundation Executive Director | 2017 WCSS recipient

Our History

December 1996
Co-sponsored by Sweet Melissa’s and Tin Lizzi, seventy friends gathered for the inaugural “KIDS CHRISTMAS NYC.”

December 2002
After successful years in NYC, we moved to NJ where we introduced “KIDS CHRISTMAS NJ.” to enrich the lives of children in our hometown community. Year after year, we reached more children who otherwise would go hungry over the holidays and blessed them with gifts for their families. Each December, we raised more money to help these local families feel the true meaning of Christmas. We were able to help Resurrection School, Habitat for Humanity, the Alvarez and Hidalgo families, and sponsored two children with the Make A Wish Foundation.TM

December 2012
When we were relocated to West Chester, PA, we met new friends and asked for their support in helping those in need. With great enthusiasm we were blessed with touching those children near our new home. We happily donated to the Levy and Toole families who lost their homes in Hurricane Sandy, funded new gym equipment at the Chester County Family Academy, and provided financial assistance to the children at CCFA.

August 2016
After identifying the needs of needy children during the summer months and sometimes the abundance of goods over Christmas time, we introduce the inaugural “WC Summer Soirée” to West Chester.

Previous Locations & Recipients

2016 – Chester County Food Bank, St. Agnes Day Room, Chester County Family Academy at the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center
2017 – Andrew K. Hicks Foundation, Chester County Family Academy at the Church Farm School
2018 – The Charles A. Melton Arts and Education Center, Brian’s Buddies via Kidneeds, Chester County Family Academy at Arasapha Farms
2019 – A Haven, Westside Community Center, Chester County Family Academy at Thornbury Farm Market & CSA
2020 – Postponed

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